Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Eyesore Profile: Congressman Tom Price

His creepy moustache really makes him look like a future guest on To Catch a Predator. Representing Georgia's 6th Congressional District, Tom Price is a member of what I'll now call the "House Loudmouth Coalition." Marsha Blackburn and Ted Poe are also a members, as are other morons who I'll write about at a later date. Basically, it's mainly a group of right-wing Southern Republicans who like to get up on their soapboxes during 1 minute speeches on frankly any subject that gets them free air time. Let's just say that Tom Price is a repeat offender, no subtle pun intended.

This might come across as mean, but 'd highly recommend keeping this man away from young children, your fetus, a microphone, a camera or any other thing that he might offend, screw up, etc.

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Nancy G said...

Brilliant analysis! Are there any republicans who AREN'T obnoxious and creepy, though?